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We are having a ‘competition’ night on March 9!

Open to ACC Members Only



Theme: any subject of your choice.


Photos from 2020 to present acceptable for entry - so get out there and make some images or locate the great shots you have already made, consistent with the theme!


Our ‘competition’ (more of a critique) is an opportunity to receive helpful feedback from experienced photographers.  Improving our photography stems from actually working on the hobby - getting out and shooting - but additionally, through reinforcement of the good things we are doing from more knowledgeable photographers.  In addition, we grow from constructive feedback in areas of opportunity.  Generally, negative feedback may not be helpful, and in fact for some it could be a deterrent to future participation.


In order to stay consistent with this concept, we are asking our judges for this event to generate specific comments and guidance on each submission.  We will provide them a tool to work with in order to keep track of each entry and then provide written comments as take-aways for the photographer.


For this event we will not be selecting ranked placing such as first, second, and third place.  Instead, we will ask the judges to select a few images that “rise above” the other submissions and to tell us why they did so.


Photo Submission:


 3 maximum per member photographer - either digitally or in print. Each image must be named/titled without photographer information. i.e. “birds in fall trees”


Digital - 1024 on the long edge x 768 – or similar sizing. Resolution is not limited but be aware of long uploads for large files.

Digital images will be submitted to a spot designated as we get closer to the competition. Note – no photographers name should be on the photograph.


Print - minimum 11x14, up to 16x20, and mounted or matted.  Submitted the night of the competition. No photographer’s name should imprinted on or associated with the print.  All prints must be removed from the club meeting room after the competition.




For this ‘competition’ we will not have categories per se.  Entries can be color or black and white for example but won’t be judged as a separate group.

Meeting will be in-person.  Judges will receive the digital images in advance of the meeting and we are asking that they attend.  We will work out the actual judging details with the judges themselves.




We will provide judges with the following aspects to guide their thoughts and comments.


- Impact / Interest

- Composition/Design

- Creativity

- Technique/Technical Merit




We would like to show all of the entries on our web page with the name of the photographer. We will ask for your permission to do so.

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