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General Information Regarding Competitions

Over the past year, much has changed as a result of the widespread pandemic in our country.  However, at the beginning of the 2019-20 year, it was intended that there would be four competitions/critiques during the regular season for ACC members.  Experienced judges and professional photographers or artists will provide constructive critique of the images, and will also assign a score ranging from 4 to 16 (most images will likely fall in the range of 10-16 points).  Scoring willl be based on four criteria:  Interest and impact, Composition/Design, Creativity, and Technique/Technical Merit.  Currently, the maximum number of images which may be submitted is 4, which may be either monochrome or color, or some combination of both.

Complete details regarding preparation and submission of images for competitions are currently only available to paid-up members.  They receive this information in regular mailings from the Club.  General information is available below.

There are two important criteria for preparing images for competition:  a) the size of the image, and b) the file naming convention, which must follow certain rules in order to be processed by our software.   In addition, software code which can be run on PC's only is also available, which allows images to automatically be resized and renamed in accordance with competition requirements.  This code is also available in Club mailings to members.  Apple computer users will still have to resize and rename files manually.  Note: it is planned to also make all this information available on a web page which will only be accessible to members.

Best images from 2019 end-of-year competition

(click on image to see full sized)

Best images from 2018 end-of-year competition

(click on image to see full sized)

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