Our first "Shoot Out" of 2019

Several members of the club visited the Metroparaks Cascade Overlook trail in North Akron.  This 1-mile easy trek leads to a remarkable view of the Cuyahoga River near the historic Signal Tree, with a view high above the river. Members also used every opportunity to look for those little extra things along the way that make for interesting photos!

Holiday Party 2019

Our annual holiday party turned out to ba a most enjoyable, social event!  A fantastic selection of hearty snacks and desert treats greeted eveyone, and several members also brought materials and equipment to explore table-top and macro photography.  One fascinating process was focus stackiing, in which several images are acquired at slightly different focus settings, then merged in-camera to produce an image with great depth of field over the subject.  Other set-ups allowed exploration of various lighting equipment and backdrops

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