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Past Events

Bryan Hansel:  Presentation - Wednesday, January 25 at 7:00 pm via Zoom


Bryan is an award-winning professional landscape photographer and outdoor educator. He has over 30 years of photography experience with over 100 publication credits from publications such as National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Lake Superior Magazine, Ocean Paddler, Canoe and Kayak Magazine, Backpacker Magazine and many more.


In 2018, he received Lake Times Magazine’s Best Photographer in Minnesota award. An outdoor educator and guide at heart, Bryan decided to share his passion for outdoor photography and started a photography workshop program in 2006. His programs take students to the best and often unknown locations in the northland and across the nation to many National Parks. He lives in Grand Marais, Minnesota.













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Wednesday, February 8 at 7:00 pm,  via ZOOM

Birds and the Bees – Jackie Boesinger-Meredyk. 

Making your photos “sexier” with Adobe Lightroom. 

In this session  Jackie will showcase recent bird and

flower photography and provide a few tips for capturing,

selecting, and producing your own stunning images.

Included will be some “wow factor” before and after

transformations with demos in Adobe Lightroom.  

Heat things up on a chilly Wednesday night with an

informative session that will have you excited about



Although Jackie has been taking pictures her entire life, she didn’t really pursue her passion for photography until she returned to college at age 60. 


Eclectic in her photographic subjects, she has most recently pursued wildlife, landscape, and macro photography.   In 2022 she published her first fine art photography book: What We Leave Behind.  Jackie’s photos have been selected for juried exhibitions, received awards, and graced the covers of local and national publications. 

She belongs to the Akron Camera Club and National Photographers Enthusiast Group.  Jackie and her husband John live adjacent to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Sagamore Hills, Ohio.  More of her work is on our website at under the Members Gallery tab.

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Wednesday, February 22 at 7:00 pm via Zoom

Jan Bell:  Presentation -

Over the past two decades, photographer Jan Bell has traveled thousands of miles to capture luminous visions of nature. He’s sojourned with his camera in the Pacific Northwest, American Southwest, and the shores of Lake Superior bringing home images that he massages using Photoshop to bring out emotionally resonant undertones, creating visual meditations on water, rock, and desert plants.
His work has evolved over the years as he’s concentrated more on nature. Bell now shoots exclusively in black and white. While attending a workshop at Yosemite National Park where he was immersed in the work of Ansel Adams, his appreciation of the power of black and white photography took hold.
“We all see in color on a daily basis,” Bell said. “Black and white takes you out of that real world and transcends more into the fine art world.”  Also, he said, “composition is incredibly important to me. There’s no man-made element in any of my photographs. I tend to go tightly in a scene and only capture what I want you to see.”

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Our first virtual meeting, June 23, 2022!

The loss of one opportunity has led to the creation of a new process for us to share in one of the favorite activities of our club, namely participating and observing the process of competition and critiquing of our images, a vital learning process for our members!

This June 23rd we had a Zoom meeting, where our judge for the event was able to discuss each image submitted, give a constructive critique so that all of us could learn, and then provide a score for each image.  As a result, even while we were staying home, we could still all see and hear the comments of our judge who provided his expertise for this event!  Attendance was relatively low, but most folks felt that the process was very productive, and they were glad to have participated in it!

Top scoring images from our original Zoom Critque meeting:

Our first virtual meeting, June 23!

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