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Wednesday, March 8, at 7:00 pm, in person

Jerry Jividen 

Jerry will begin the night by showing some of the newest additions to Photoshop version 24.2.0 and how to set up and use Libraries. Afterward, he will show us how he creates AI art.  


Jerry’s first connection with photography was not with a camera, but a homemade darkroom. It came about when a high school classmate and he put chemicals into some found trays and then put them into an empty television cabinet in his basement. Thus, we began making primitive photo prints, and he washooked for life.


He has received many awards for his photography, but his passion is to teach others to use their cameras and make artistic images from their photos. He first started using Photoshop when it was in version 1.5. He tells his students to never again believe anything they see in a photo….because there are guys like him who can make it totally different from its inception.

He runs the NE Ohio Digital Photography Meetup Club, Kent, which now has 2,675 members, and tries to have monthly meetings at his studio in downtown Kent and Zoom presentations. 


For more information about Jerry and to preview some of his work, see his photos in the Members Gallery at our website at

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