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Consider Joining the Akron Camera Club
Akron Camera Club [ACC] welcomes photographers of all skill levels: beginner, experienced hobbyist or professional. One of the most valuable benefits of being a part of ACC is the wealth of knowledge that our members share about their interests and experience in photography.Membership in the Akron Camera Club is open to all with an interest and passion for photography as either a hobby or profession.Membership includes EXCLUSIVE:     
•    Access to In-Person and ZOOM lectures taught by professional and other experienced photographers    
•    Access to field trips & photo challenges not open to the general public    
•    Access to ZOOM discussions to learn and grow by receiving objective feedback on your images by fellow members   
•    Access to participate in member-only Mentor programs, [one-on-one or small group assistance] from seasoned ACC members to help you advance in your photography    
•    Ability to enter images for critiques and competitions by professional photographers    
•    Access to the ACC Google Group to ask questions and participate in member forums    
•    Access to other educational opportunities    
•    Ability to have your pictures posted in the member-only gallery section of our website    
•    Entry to member-only website content     
•    The ability to share your love of photography with other member photographers!

The ACC encourages its members to explore all the many facets of photography, from nature and portraiture to fine arts, architectural, macro, photojournalism, experimental and digital processes.

Your membership participation will allow the ACC to continue its mission of providing instruction, practice, appreciation and understanding of the art and techniques of photography; and allow for the exchange of ideas and techniques for mutual advancement.

ANNUAL DUES (Sept 1 - Aug 31) ARE ONLY:
    $40 - Individual
$20 - Distant (living >100 miles from Akron)
    $65 - Family

There are now two ways to become an Akron Camera Club member:

   1.    Download our membership application and register by mail:

          Click here for our application form

   2. Register now, using our secure PayPal link:

        INDIVIDUAL membership:

        DISTANT membership:

       FAMILY membership:


More information can be found elsewhere on our webpage, at our Facebook page (, or by contacting us at

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