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August photographer of the month:
Elaine Griffith
My interest in photography started when my first grandchild was born--I wanted to
be able to take good baby pictures. That grandson is now 30 years old and is a professional photographer himself, so that dates my interest in photography!

I have tried my hand at many different subjects especially travel photography, but my favorite thing to photograph is always people. I especially like to take a photograph and turn it into something above and beyond the original image, with the aid of Photoshop, different filters, software programs, backgrounds, etc.

I have always used a Nikon camera. Topaz and Color Effects and Silver Effects Pro are my favorite software programs. (Besides Photoshop, of course!)

My best advice: if a subject interests you, stick with it. Keep shooting! Get closer. Try a different angle. Be open to new ideas and endless possibilities whenever you turn your camera and your photographic “eye” on a subject.

Being a member of the Akron Camera Club has been invaluable for me. I have learned so much of what I know through my experiences there. Entering images in the competitions has always been the best learning tool ever. Every critique, whether of your own image or someone else's, is the opportunity to learn something new. I always say I can hear the comments and directions of dozens of camera club judges in my ear whenever I turn my camera on. The club has been so blessed through the years to have professional photographers willing to teach us through their competition critiques, as well as countless programs and teaching sessions different ones have shared with us.  Another great thing about being a member of the camera club is the opportunity to share a mutual interest with other people--and I have been endlessly inspired by the photographic images and art of other members. In short, if you're interested in photography, the Akron Camera Club is a great place to learn, to develop your skills and your photographic “eye”, and to meet people with the same passion for that ever elusive “perfect” image!
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