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    July, 2022    Photographer of the 
    Month:    Jackie Boesinger

When I discovered the Akron Camera Club, I thought it would be a great way to connect with other photographers and have opportunities to learn and participate in activities.  There is such a wealth of talent in this group!


Like many in our club, my first camera was given to me in grade school.  Lots of blurry people and bad exposures followed. Fast forward to college when I earned tuition as a darkroom technician and “macro” photographer for CWRU’s Department of Biology. This led me to buying a 35mm Minolta X700 which I dabbled with for a while.  Life and family took a priority and my camera gathered dust.  


The pandemic rekindled my passion for photography.  COVID gave me the impetus to be outside in the fresh air and took away many distractions.  I bought a used NIKON D90 and learned how to use a DSLR.  Nearly every day for months I traveled all over Northeast Ohio taking and editing hundreds of photos.     


I've amped up my skills by returning to college to pursue courses in photography, digital imaging, and visual communications.  The old camera died so I upgraded to a new Nikon D7500 and a complement of lenses from macro to superzoom.  Recently I joined a national group of photo enthusiasts with whom I have had opportunities to further elevate my wildlife photography and explore new places.  My goal is to be skilled enough behind the lens to tell a story or stir an make my viewer feel or see something in a way they may not have before.


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