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    February, 2022 photographer
    of the month:    James Rudick
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I feel honored to be part of the Akron Photo Club. Twice, I’ve presented at club meetings, most recently November 2020; here is a link to these photos: 

I felt welcomed by such an engaging and friendly group. You have a lot of talent and enthusiasm! 

My formal training in photography is essentially nil, though I’ve been doing it for 50 years. Mostly I’m an omnivore and have been attempting to experience life as fully as possible, and the camera was simply a way of capturing these magic moments in time. Memories fade, but blessed be the eternal pixels! 

So I’ve brought cameras underwater, on safari, on drones, and most recently into deep space. Anywhere and everywhere.  

Most of the photos in this article have been taken in the past year. Hope you like them. 

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To see additional images by this and other Akron Camera Club Members, go the Members Gallery.
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