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    August, 2022    Photographer of the 
    Month:    Lou & Bonnie Janelle

Our photography story......

Lou was always interested in photography. Taking pictures as a yearbook adviser where he taught math in high school brought him to football games, assemblies, rallies, and other events throughout the school year. His passion for the camera turned to a business venture in 1980 when we, a family of three, moved to Maine and began Janelle Photographic featuring the sale of sepia-toned color prints. After one year it became quite evident that this single source of income would not support a family. Moving back to Ohio and being hired to develop a computer curriculum for The University of Akron Wayne College in Orrville brought about other opportunities. In his spare time Lou taught Continuing Education courses and workshops for beginning photographers. 


Bonnie was never interested in photography, but she was very interested in art and 2-dimensional design. Taking courses at UA in art and Photoshop for a couple years, she realized that Photoshop was extremely powerful but also had an extremely steep learning curve. After learning some basics, she delighted in slimming a person with too big a belly, putting a smile on a person's face who was spoiling a group shot by grimacing, and swapping heads or eyes in a group photo where everyone else was “perfect.” She found that what she really used in PS could be put in a thimble in comparison to how powerful it is. There are many outside programs to enhance pictures, but Lightroom and PS are her “go to” programs. 


After retirement from our day jobs around 2008 Lou and Bonnie began LBJ Photography and specialized in portraiture and weddings. Presently, both Bonnie & Lou are retired from professional photography. However, Lou plays with his new toy, a drone, which allows him to dabble in aerial photography.


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