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   February photographer of the month:
Terri Bayless

Terri got started in photography when her fourth grade teacher collected money and bought all the students cameras.  Her first photo album was filled with playground photos and even then cats, horses and dog pictures. 

When an opportunity arose to add two of her hobbies to her college load, she was off to Utah to spend her weekdays in the photo lab and her weekends skiing, while still fitting her accounting classes somewhere in between.  A first and second in a local competition while in Utah kept the passion growing. 

As an avid horse competitor photographing horses came naturally. An annual horse magazine photo competition reeled her in.  Four of her award-winning photos appeared on their magazine covers.  In the past she has also entered and won awards in the Quail Hollow Photography Club, The Wilderness Center Photography Club, and Dodd Camera's Calendar and the Canton Jewish Center Photo Contests.   

She has expanded her animal photography to include taking pictures of friends competing at reining horse and dog agility competitions.  While known for being an animal photographer, she found that she has a flair for journalistic photography while on a trip to Africa.  It was one of these photos that took Best of Show at both the Canton Jewish Center and the Quail Hollow photo contests. She took best of show again the following year with a light painting of a saddle that even the judges didn't realize was a light painting. Terri continues to branch out by adding studio portraits, HDR, low light, other forms of light painting, and macro photography to her current studies. 

Terri can usually be found with an older Canon camera with the 70 to 200mm lens on it.  After carrying a lot of heavy gear through airports she invested in a light weight, smaller, mirrorless, micro four thirds camera.  She also recently purchased 2 macro lenses!  

Terri has been with the Akron Camera Club since 2001.  She enjoys sitting back and learning, but has also braved the monthly competitions.  She loves learning how to improve her photos and striving for those 16s which she has achieved.  She misses the socializing, the awards banquets, the xmas party, the white elephant exchange, and, of course, the cookies during competition night! 

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