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    March photographer of the month:
Tom Posin

II am not exactly sure when I became interested in photography, but as a teenager I set up a darkroom in the bathroom, developed B&W film, and printed B&W images.  I spent countless hours developing my pictures, and it was common to lose track of time.  My parents were not thrilled about the smell of chemicals. I don’t recall what camera I had back then. 


After college I taught high school in Southeast Asia as my assignment as a Peace Corps volunteer. I was also the head teacher for the school’s Camera Club. During that time, I went to Hong Kong and purchased a Minolta SLR.  Hong Kong was known as the place to purchase such items at lower prices. 


Having spent the last 14 years (part time) in St. George, Utah, I have been mesmerized by this fabulous desert landscape.  This would be obvious to you if I told you that I purchased a home in St. George after having been in the state for only 2 hours as we drove from Los Angeles with Zion National Park as our destination.  So, I enjoy and have been shooting mostly landscape and also enjoy macro photography. 


About 15 months ago, I transitioned from a “weekend” photographer to a full-fledged “enthusiast”.  My first field photography workshop experience was a 5-day program in Zion National Park.  I learned a lot but also learned how much more there is to learn.  I then upgraded my gear to a Nikon D850 and had to re-learn the functionality from my prior Canon.  A few months later, I attended another workshop in Death Valley National Park and shortly thereafter COVID-19 took over.  


Although I live 2,000 miles from Akron, I have the opportunity to see, hear, and be educated about the Midwest.  (My wife was born and raised in Ohio, and has family in Medina.) I have been able to learn something new at every meeting that I have attended (ZOOM).  I like hearing the photographers' thoughts and their plans to get great results.  As for me, my “great results” are typically accidental, not to mention, few and far between.  I try to go into the field several times per week and just practice, practice and more practice.  I think that it is starting to work, but I have a long way to go. 

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